Rice planting

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Rice planting is an important part of the village’s life in Bali, as it provides a staple crop for the whole village for the year. Seeing a process that brings the whole village together, and has been integral to the culture for so many centuries, is really amazing.

To enrich our guests’ experience, we will host a rice planting activity at 9-12am on Feb 20, unexpected discoveries invite you to join our activity and plant & ignite your 2015.

#INDIGENOUS is Our Style

Agung + Citra#INDIGENOUS is Our Style.Citra and Agung, they are traditional Balinese ladies and joined Bali Mandira more than seven years starting out as Hospitality Trainees They quickly proved themselves and are now part of the big Bali Mandira Family.

Inherited from great natural beauty and fascinating indigenous cultures, Citra and Agung implement hotel’s core values in their daily works to enrich our guests’ experience. Representing most our Bali Mandira associates, we will deliver our best service, great smile and sincere heart to every guest, they know everything on whats happening in the Resort and equally as important whats happening in and around Legian and Indeed Bali ! An insiders guide to the property simply awaits, so connect with Citra and Agung on your next visit.

Come to enrich Balinese Culture

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To commemorate the victory day of goodness (Dharma) against evil (Adharma), the Galungan – one of Hindu’s ceremony, will be celebrated on Wednesday, 17th December 2014. The one of important elements on Galungan is Penjor, it is made as symbol of prosperity, Balinese make it every religious ceremony in order to show their respect to the Gods.Enrich and discover the Balinese culture experiences, we will conduct “Creating Penjor Competition” on next Monday, 15th December 2014. DO encourage you to take a look and join in one of Balinese traditional activities during Galungun

Thk Awards 2014

Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa has proudly received the Emerald Medal at the Tri Hita Karana Tourism Award on 29th November 2014 at the Art Center in Denpasar.

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Tri Hita Karana (THK) is a Hindu Balinese life concept relating to three sources of harmony and balanced relations. That is, between humanity and God Almighty (parhyangan), between humans and humans (pawongan), and between humans and the environment (palemahan) into an integral unity.
This concept originates from the Hindu religion, but Tri Hita Karana principles contain universal values. Therefore, all developments on Bali island should ideally oriented to Tri Hita Karana principles.

To preserve the local culture heritage and environment, Our Bali Mandira will continue to implement the Tri Hita Karana values in the daily operation to enrich our guests’ experience.

Daily life in Bali Mandira