A visit to an orphanage

Nothing is more beautiful than to help people in need, especially when they’re very young. A part of Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa staff visited yesterday Tat Twam Asi Orphanage in Denpasar, Bali. Our visit was a part of Bali Mandira constant implication in local community life.

Bali Mandira delegation provided food supplies for the orphanage canteen, linen, diapers and a lot of sweets for everybody.
They welcomed us with that unique combination of happiness and bashfulness that makes children so lovely.
We were overwhelmed by their happiness and gratitude. Along with Mrs. Kedu, the orphanage's headmaster, the girls were proud to show us their home, the place where they learn, play, eat and sleep.
Before leaving we promised them we'll be back again. And we definitely will! We thank all the visitors of Bali Mandira for their implicit contribution to this action.