Selected Ideas for “Naming Competition”

Selected Ideas for “Beach Club Naming Competition”


Janet Martin – #‎Balimandira‬Lazy days beach club”  would have laid-back reggae beats, ice-cold beers, oversized bean bags and jugs of cocktails with the sand in between your toes.

Neil & Vanessa#‎Balimandira‬ “Tropical breeze” The perfect beach club is located at bali mandira where u can sit back and watch the horizon glow orange as the sunsets, feel the sand under your feet by the pool, enjoy the warm tropical breeze on your face but most importantly be greeted with smiles from the beautiful staff at bali mandira.

Joe Yonathan#‎Balimandira‬ “Palm Beach Club” Nice place for just for hang out or romantic dinner with the great view and a perfect sea-breeze.

Sharyn Starkey Cowton#‎Balimandira‬ “Pulina Beach Club” Pulina is a sanskrit word for sandy beach, which Bali Mandira is located on a beautiful sandy beach.

Teresa Chenery#‎Balimandira‬ “Seaclusion Vista” I thought this was the best descriptive club name …..meaning a pleasing view of your own of the warm tropical sea and glorious sunsets

Sharyn Starkey Cowton – #‎Balimandira‬ “Nandana Beach Club” A beach club at Bali Mandira would have a paradise feel to it. Nandana means paradise.

Wayne Chenery#‎Balimandira‬ “Lucky Melody” or “Golden Topaze”. I couldnt decide but Mandira is an Indian word meaning melody and is considered to be lucky and also Mandira’s lucky stones are golden topaze….so either one would be great and relates to your beautiful Resort’s name

Cass Newbold #‎Balimandira‬ “Kalpana Beach Club” (from the sanskrit for imagining/fantasy) My idea of the “perfect beach club” is one with world-class chefs creating delicious tapas and classy snacks to accompany drinks that are prepared by skilled and charming bartenders. With a beautiful view and in a stunning setting, with a vibe of relaxation but excitement at the same time.