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Cooking classes at Bali Mandira


Cooking classes at Mandira are so much fun for both guest and us the ones serving you. Here is a group of five mothers and ‘nonnas’ from Australia that decided they love our Indonesian food so much they want to learn how to make nasi goreng, kare ayam, saus kacang and sambal matah. And they did!

Mel’s Mei Admirers Club

A rare glimpse into the secretive yet lucrative 2013 annual meeting of ‘Mel’s Mei Admirers Club’ made up of Bali Mandira experts with decades of experience. From left to right: Mr. & Mrs. Michael Patrick Haggerty (club ambassador and co-founder), Mr. & Mrs. Roger John Smith (chairman and founder), Mr. & Mrs. Terry Dylan (promoter and co-founder), Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Ernest Hannah (treasurer and co-founder). In the back stands honorary member, media promoter and overall good guy Radu I. Frentiu, the General Manager of Bali Mandira. It’s all in good fun and games!

SCUBA DIVING at Bali Mandira


Did you knew we offer SCUBA DIVING at Bali Mandira? scubaThis is an actual picture we took ourselves fully emerged in the ‘Big Blue’, a picture of a splendid Banded Triggerfish during a scuba trip last week with our wonderful partners from Dugong Diving. Absolute top notch professionals we have been working with for years, with a perfect clean record and tons of unforgettable memories. With us it is one of the easiest places and most fun to get scuba diving certified or try it for the first time.