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We have a date with Angklung at Christmas


Lighting it up!!!!Our Mandira’s team begins to prepare for Christmas Eve Dinner a special Angklung performance. What is angklung? Angklung is an Indonesian musical instrument consisting of two, three or four bamboo tubes suspended in a bamboo frame, bound with

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Bani Ngajeng Lawar ?


Lawar is one of the most stereotypical Balinese cuisines. Anyone who has lived with a Balinese family will have surely been offered this spicy fare, particularly around ceremony time. “Bani ngajeng lawar?” (“Are you brave enough to eat lawar?”), they

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Inspire Senses Spa Bali


Spa culture is one of the traditional experiences of Bali, we could discover it through four senses perspectives. TOUCH: through traditional massages and typical Bali facial and body treatments performed using natural products imported directly from the island. TASTE: through

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Piodalan at the Bali Mandira Temple


Experience our Temple Celebration (Piodalan) at the Bali Mandira Temple on 08 Oct 2014. Piodalan is a Hindu ceremony in Bali to celebrate the anniversary of a temple. This Piodalan is held once a year in the Balinese calendar to

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Banyu pinaruh day


Good Morning, I wake up really early today to go to the beach for Banyu Pinaruh ceremony. Banyu Pinaruh is one of culture procession which is aimed to purify the body and soul. This celebration is held one day after

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Today is Saraswati day, a traditional Balinese holiday to celebrate the day when knowledge is given by God through the beautiful goddess Saraswati. Like many Balinese holidays, Saraswati day is held every six months (210 days), on Saturday of Watugunung

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BHA Coastal Cleanup was a Great Success


Bali, Saturday 20 September – Bali Hotels Association (BHA) participation in the International Coastal Cleanup campaign was another great success. The initiative saw more than 70 hotels under the BHA banner gather over 1600 volunteers to clear debris from several

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Mandira’s team Coastal Cleanup


Together we’re making beaches cleaner for visitors “International Coastal Cleanup – Legian Beach Bali

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BHA Joins the 29th International Coastal Cleanup


Bali, Friday 19 September – Bali Hotels Association (BHA) is going to proudly instigate the International Coastal Cleanup campaign by clearing debris in several beaches and river from Nusa Dua, Legian, Kuta, Seminyak, Tabanan to Ubud. More than 70 hotels

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“I DO” YOur Journey Starts here, Mandira Weddings


Unexpected discoveries and stimulating engagements invite you to explore our perfect venues with Panoramic Ocean views. Whether you desire a grand wedding, a more intimate ceremony or an inspired anniversary, our creative wedding venues from rooftop space to outdoor beach

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