"Car Free Day" on Jalan Legian

“Car Free Day” on Jalan Legian (once a week, started on Saturday November 27th from 10 p.m. til 5 a.m.)  is the first step to make Jalan Legian a world class pedestrian street. The Goverment has a plan called “Strategic Management Plan for Kuta” that involves restructuring and renovating 1,5 km of the most popular street from the island.

The restructuring plan involves changing the materials of the street to granite and paving block, enlarging the pedestrian areas and reducing car’s area. Taxi stands and outdoor chairs will be built and surrounded by trees, gardens, planter box, decorative streetlights and flowers. The final goal is to make Jalan Legian an international tourism icon, safe and pleasant.

(from Bali Post)