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Events in Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa

Come to enrich Balinese Culture

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To commemorate the victory day of goodness (Dharma) against evil (Adharma), the Galungan – one of Hindu’s ceremony, will be celebrated on Wednesday, 17th December 2014. The one of important elements on Galungan is Penjor, it is made as symbol of prosperity, Balinese make it every religious ceremony in order to show their respect to the Gods.Enrich and discover the Balinese culture experiences, we will conduct “Creating Penjor Competition” on next Monday, 15th December 2014. DO encourage you to take a look and join in one of Balinese traditional activities during Galungun

Thk Awards 2014

Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa has proudly received the Emerald Medal at the Tri Hita Karana Tourism Award on 29th November 2014 at the Art Center in Denpasar.

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Tri Hita Karana (THK) is a Hindu Balinese life concept relating to three sources of harmony and balanced relations. That is, between humanity and God Almighty (parhyangan), between humans and humans (pawongan), and between humans and the environment (palemahan) into an integral unity.
This concept originates from the Hindu religion, but Tri Hita Karana principles contain universal values. Therefore, all developments on Bali island should ideally oriented to Tri Hita Karana principles.

To preserve the local culture heritage and environment, Our Bali Mandira will continue to implement the Tri Hita Karana values in the daily operation to enrich our guests’ experience.

Festive Season 2014


Have you already planned your Festive Season? Unexpected discoveries and stimulating creations await you at Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa on this Festive Season 2014. Scrumptious Festive Buffets, a dazzling array of performances and a chance to take home the prize of your dreams…

Indulge in the Christmas Eve Sunset Chill with a Free Flow of Festive Nibbles, and Christmas Eve culinary journey of traditional Festive cuisines with our Santarina Performers, or be Enraptured with the joys of Christmas Day Sausage Sizzle; Lots of KIDS Programs with great fun all around the Christmas theme. Bring in the New Year, in Style. New Year’s Eve Bare Foot & Black Tie Gala Dinner with a great line up of local and Internationally acclaimed performances and the very finest of Balinese and Global Cuisines, and relax yourself on the RECOVERY DAY featuring Babi Guling with Traditional or Western Inspirations.

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BHA Joins the 29th International Coastal Cleanup


Bali, Friday 19 September – Bali Hotels Association (BHA) is going to proudly instigate the International Coastal Cleanup campaign by clearing debris in several beaches and river from Nusa Dua, Legian, Kuta, Seminyak, Tabanan to Ubud. More than 70 hotels of BHA members has enthusiastically signed up to particpate and be part of the solution to help protect the coastal strips and river of Bali.

Report from Ocean, an astounding 648,015 volunteer volunteers in 92 countries picked up more than 12.3 million pounds of trash in the 2013 International Coastal Clean up act.
Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup has developed since 1986 to become the world’s largest volunteer effort for ocean health. Each year millions of eco-friendly warriors from all over the world help to clear trash from the shores of lakes, streams, rivers and oceans. Thanks to these volunteers recording every article collected, Ocean Conservancy gains accurate insight into the manufactured items which are impacting our planet’s health.

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Last year with the similar program that BHA held, plastic bags, containers, cutlery, cans, cigarettes and household waste as well as abandoned shoes and fishing debris were just some of the 7,565 items collected. The total trash haul ended up weighing in at over 142,6 kilograms.

“Bali Hotel Associations is extremely proud to be able to continue this eco-friendly initiative. To see the growth of of members that took part this year is truly remarkable. This initiative is directly in line with our objective, which is to continuously strive to find ways to support programs that protect the environment,” commented Jean-Charles Le Coz, Vice Chairman of the Bali Hotels Association.

“It’s an absolute thrill to participate in the Bali Hotel Association’s largest ever effort to clean up the coast and waterways on Saturday the 20th September. More than 72 hotels, tourism businesses and associations are offering thousands of staff, students and friends to join the international coastal clean-up initiative across eight different coastal and river way zones of Bali to collectively do our part to turn the tide on trash. I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved and encourage everyone and every business to please continue to actively participate and support the many other various Bali Hotel Association lead green initiatives also such as improved recycling, reforestation, and the improved waste management suggestions to help keep Bali beautiful. Together we can achieve so much more!” – Clinton Lovell, Director in charge of Environment for BHA

Sanur Kite Festival 2014


Sanur Kite Festival – When the wind blows, size really does matter in Bali. The Balinese are crazy about kites, As with every facet of Balinese life, kite flying is steeped in religious symbolism. It was originally used as a way to pass on messages to the Gods, and traditional kites, which take the form of fish (Bebean) and birds (Janggan) depict Hindu deities. the festival has started on 18-20 June 14, Another festival will started at 11 Aug 14. come and see it.