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What’s cooking? News from Bali Mandira’s kitchen

Do you know the secrets of Balinese Cuisine?


Hi Friends, even you came to Bali many times, but some of the cuisines and the secrets of Balinese foods still await you for exploring, such as Jimbaran Seafood style BBQ’s, Babi Guling (Roasted suckling pig in Balinese spices) with assorted Balinese dips and sambals, Sate Lilit, Bebek Betutu (Duck backed in Aromatics and Banana leaves) to name but a few.

Tonight, under the stars outdoor theater, ENRICH your cultural journey and experience our Java Theater presenting traditional Wayang Shadow Puppet show. EXPLORE our Pasar Malam (night market) culinary journey with Balinese and regional Indonesian flavors.
Come to try the Babi Guling!!!!

Bani Ngajeng Lawar ?

lawarLawar is one of the most stereotypical Balinese cuisines. Anyone who has lived with a Balinese family will have surely been offered this spicy fare, particularly around ceremony time. “Bani ngajeng lawar?” (“Are you brave enough to eat lawar?”), they will ask, grinning. This expression speaks for itself – lawar is far removed from Western cuisine and for many it is an acquired taste