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What’s cooking? News from Bali Mandira’s kitchen

Chocolate Buffet is coming soon

Chocolate buffet is coming soon in Bali Mandira

Food & Beverage department of Bali Mandira is working hard these days to finish the preparation for a chocolate buffet. Our French chef David Cailleba invited the staff today to taste some of his sweet creations.

We had rince-bouche chocolate, chocolate orange contreau, chocolate crêpes ginger, chocolat apple and crispy puff, mousse chocolate orange confit, chocolate crinkle, chocolate lemon strawberry, pink mocha praline and truffes spicy.

Soon the chocolate buffet, assorted with a white sparkling wine and other goodies, will be available for all our guests.

Breakfast juice upgrade

The breakfast juices in Bali Mandira are about to be upgraded. A juice testing took place today, attended by a thirsty but selective committee consisting of Bali Mandira’s General Manager, Executive Chef, Food & Beverage Manager and Director of Marketing & Business Development. Together they decided to replace some items in the juices section for breakfast. The results will be ready to be tasted soon in Celagi Restaurant and Parasol Restaurant. Just a step away from making breakfast tastier and healthier.

Caffè latte – a sip full of passion

Having a coffee has been transformed from a simple habit into a real passion in Bali Mandira. Our caffè latte, prepared with so much patience and care by our staff,  can transform an ordinary moment into a special one. From the first sip all your senses will be spoiled. Order one caffè latte at Parasol Restaurant, Celagi Restaurant or Barong Bar and enjoy its unforgettable taste.

Caffè latte is also available for room service. Just pick up the phone and press 2.