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Absorbing Balinese cultural values - tens of thousands of tourists are watching every year Kecak and Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple

The tourism industry in Bali could continue to see good conditions this year, as stakeholders predict a greater number of foreign tourist arrivals and higher investments in the industry compared to 2010.

The Bali Tourism Agency said 2.27 million foreign tourists visited the island between January and November last year.

The chairman of the Denpasar branch of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association noticed an upward trend in hotel bookings for 2011. He add that the high occupancy rates were due to good relations between hotels and guests, as many were repeated customers.

But a member of the Ethical Council of the World Tourism Organisation warned the tourism industry to not focus only on increasing number of tourist arrivals, but also prioritizing quality.

“Quality is not only about how much tourists spend, but also about their interaction with locals so that they absorb our cultural values” he said.

(from Jakarta Post)