Kathys Bradys Eulogy

Susan Hawker : I am doing her Eulogy today and I would like to pass on my thanks to all at the Mandira. I have not had time to fill in the feedback but would you pass this on for me please. I think this says it all.Sue

That woman is a success who has lived well, who has gained the respect of men and woman and the love of children; who has filled her niche and accomplished her task, who leaves the world better than she found it, who has never lacked appreciation of earths beauty or failed to express it; who always looked for the best in others and always gave the best she could.

Kathy was a very loyal friend to me and to many others. I especially admired her strength of character in being there for her parents in their last years. She gave back to them what they had given to her. This was Kathy

She loved our time in Bali and especially staying at the Mandira. She enjoyed the lounge upstairs which overlooked the ocean and for Kathy it was just a lovely space to be.
Not long before her Mums passing Kathy arrived in Bali and she was like a zombie.

She was caring for her Mum, work was really busy and she could hardly move or talk. All she wanted to do was stay up in that lounge at the Mandira and she did this for three days, reading, sleeping and enjoyed all the benefits that went being long time guests . When she had decided enough rest she was sitting on the edge of the pool reading her book with Kerrie and I chatting when we looked up just in time to see Kathys book go into the pool as she had dozed off sitting up She had not quiet recovered her energy. We were always comfortable in each others presence and allowed each other to just be. We had our bucket lists and for Kathy horse riding and riding a motor bike were on her list and she did this in Bali.

I was in Bali when Kathy passed and the staff at the Mandira were in total shock as we had been there in Febuary. They talked about Mum Kathy with so much love and affection.They had so much respect for Mum Kathy

Kathy lived life simply with no pretension. She loved her Family and Friends. She gave encouragement and support to us all.

Kathy was a gentle woman who lived with grace and dignity and her spirit will live in you and me.