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Jln Padma Legian back in 1979


Its Hard to believe this is Jln Padma Legian back in 1979 Undeveloped agricultural area with a small village. This is the entrance of padma street lined with trees with a few shops and no traffic. Bali village life at

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Good morning, Bali Mandira. Hello sunshine!

Morning at Mandira's

Good morning, Bali Mandira. Hello sunshine! A wonderful impromptu candid shot taken by one of our guests from the upper pool…

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Galungan – Welcoming the Spirits Home


The whole island of Bali is preparing for Galungan. This year Galungan starts on February 1st. Galungan is the most important feast for Balinese Hindus, a celebration to honor the creator of the universe (Ida Sang Hyang Widi) and the

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Nyepi Day – March 23rd

Nyepi Day

March 23rd, Nyepi Day. The Island of the Gods will remain silent for 24 hours. Room service will be open for our guests until midnight. The menu will be limited. Nyepi or in Balinese language mean sepi (Silent, quiet). This

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Melasti Ceremony passed by Bali Mandira

Melasti Ceremony

Yesterday we had Melasti ceremony, or purification of the Pratima, one of the most important ceremonies in Hindu rituals. Melasti is generally done three days before Nyepi day or it depends to the local custom countryside rule. The ceremony passed

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Do you know what an ogoh-ogoh is?


Ogoh-ogoh is a statue especially built for the Ngrupuk parade, which takes place on the eve of Nyepi Day in Bali.  Ogoh-ogoh is a fictional character, normally having the form of mythological beings, mostly demons. The creation of Ogoh-ogoh represents spiritual aims inspired

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