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Rice planting

FOTO - BALI (Resize) (9)

Rice planting is an important part of the village’s life in Bali, as it provides a staple crop for the whole village for the year. Seeing a process that brings the whole village together, and has been integral to the

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Mandira’s team Coastal Cleanup


Together we’re making beaches cleaner for visitors “International Coastal Cleanup – Legian Beach Bali

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Selected Ideas for “Naming Competition”


Selected Ideas for “Beach Club Naming Competition” Janet Martin – #‎Balimandira‬ “Lazy days beach club”  would have laid-back reggae beats, ice-cold beers, oversized bean bags and jugs of cocktails with the sand in between your toes. Neil & Vanessa – #‎Balimandira‬

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Om Swasti Astu


A picture’s worth a thousand words If you ever visit to Bali, certainly no stranger to hear the word “Om Swasti Astu” a common Balinese greeting, something like “shalom” or salaam. The traditional Balinese greeting is, naturally, a Hindu one

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“Segehan” Balinese offering


Did you know ‘Segehan’ is one of Balinese ritual, an offering for another realm to cast away all the negative energy or avoiding disturbance. You will find #Segehan throughout the island of Bali every morning

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A fun activity of donut-making


Young kids are naturally curious and will always want to take part in what their see. This morning our chef @Yasa Nyoman allowing the children to do a fun activity of donut-making . something special for Georgia and Callum, had

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Discover something new


Discover something new  “ Mandira’s Tepi sawah” Has definitely unique & new experience, unseen for a decades in Legian. Counting down until the end of August.

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Discover of Canang Sari


Morning Discover of Canang Sari – A small offering of flowers and money placed on a tiny square tray woven out of coconut leaf. “Canang” refers to the tray, while “sari” refers to the “essence” of the offering which may

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Popup event 19 June 2014


Mandira’s Weekly regular Event : Popup event 19 June 2014

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Popup event 12 June 2014


Mandira’s Weekly regular Event : Popup event 12 June 2014

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