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What’s new in Bali Mandira?

New Pool Update

the concrete pouring, the floor plan along with structure walls are now done. From here on we move to the light fixtures, tiles, slides and sand beach. As of now according to construction crew we are scheduled to have the NEW POOL FINISHED by END OF JUNE. Picture was taken fifteen minutes ago in the non-guest access area of construction site.

From the guest perspective and areas any construction is hard to see or hear past the divider walls. There are no noise complaints at all so far for the entire last four months.

A Temporary Pool

We are very excited and absolutely thrilled about our new magnificent Tropical Island pool being build as we speak. Of course the old pool is closed and in renovation but for your peace of mind we would like to inform you the noise levels or interference with your comfort is minimal. And of course, we still have the infinity edge pool still operational.

Not only that, but here is a picture of our ‘temporary pool’ an addition we build for our guests enjoyment.


They love it so much they already are asking us to keep it if possible. While that might not be possible it is still a great compliment and a reassurance that no comfort and level of fun in the sun is affected while staying with us!

Bali Mandira’s Anniversary


The wonderful people of Mandira joined together with their families on Friday May 11th for the 31st hotel anniversary. 3 hours of entertaining show, organised entirely by our hotel staff, thrilled the audience.

During the show, the management has announced The Best Employees of The Year 2011. They were invited on the stage and were personally congratulated by the hotel owner.

More than 300 prices were won at the traditional Lucky Drawn. Bottle juggling, Balinese And even the local versions of Marylin Monroe, Ayu Ting Ting (a famous Indonesian singer) and Lady Gaga stopped for some dancing and singing sessions. One of the greatest surprises of the night was the performance of Mandira Band, a rock band formed 100% by Mandira’s employees.

The Anniversary Party, held under the name “Mandiravaganza”, was also the occasion to say goodbye to the General Manager of Bali Mandira, who will soon return to America after 4 years spent at Bali Mandira.

Some of mandira’s repeater guests attended the audience and were excited by the whole spectacle.

Happy Birthday Bali Mandira!