Nyepi Day – March 23rd

Nyepi Day

March 23rd, Nyepi Day. The Island of the Gods will remain silent for 24 hours. Room service will be open for our guests until midnight. The menu will be limited.

Nyepi or in Balinese language mean sepi (Silent, quiet). This celebration is coming once a year based on Balinese calender (caka kalender).

Nyepi Day is the way of Balinese people celebrate or welcoming the New Year. This procession meaning is to make self introspection with yoga or meditation.

There are 4 things prohibited to do during the Nyepi day on 23 March 2012, 06 : 00 Am to 24 march 2012 , 06: 00 Am (24 Hours)

  • Not Working (the people who stay in Bali during this day is prohibited to work)
  • Not Traveling (people in Bali is not allowed going out from their houses or hotel)
  • Not party celebration (the people must keep the surrounding quite, no noise and no music)
  • Not turning on the lights (All the lights must be turned off during the night of Nyepi Day)


  • The hotels which is accommodate the tourist are having dispensation to turn on the light during the night of Nepi Day, but will be limited
  • The Hospital is still open

Nyepi Day is coming every year, commonly held during March or April in each year, based on Balinese Calender.