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The Cocktail Lady

“Hello to my favourite hotel in the world!

“I have been coming to you for over 20 years now – I don’t stay anywhere else, and from age 2! I’m now 29 and I recently brought my lovely boyfriend to Bali Mandira for his very first time in Bali. Here are some pictures of our time.

Thanks again, I will see you next year for my 30th birthday which will also be my 20th visit to Bali Mandira!”


27th anniversary

"Mum and dad with the flowers in the water. It was mum and dad's 27th wedding anniversary spend at the beautiful Bali Mandira. Thank you!"

We asked our Facebook friends to send us some photo memories of their stay at Bali Mandira. The first pictures was sent by Esmee. Thank you!

A tree to remember

As a token of gratitude for their stay in Bali Mandira, our dear guests the Göpferich family planted today four trees on our property. They bought four Siulan Trees and with the help of gardening staff they’ve planted ’em next to the rooms 203 and 204, where they are enjoying the vacation.

This is something to be remembered for sure. We thank you, dear guests, for this altruistic gesture.

Mr. Göpferich has dug the tree pits personally.
Our gardening staff provided the know-how and some minor assistance.
The operation was carefully observed by the supervisors.
Göpferich family, proud of their work.

Following a romantic dinner

Candra, an expert in taking care of romantic dinners

Jantin & Annika spent their honeymoon in Bali Mandira. Our hotel staff was very pleased to take care of every detail of their stay. Before leaving the Island of Gods, Jantin & Annika left us a message:

“Candra was a very nice (excellent) friend who helped us to have a unforgettable evening at our last day in Bali in our honeymoon with the Romantic Dinner and the Romantic Breakfast as well. It was perfect! Terima kasih!

Jantin & Annika”

A thank you letter

A party organised in Bali Mandira last week ended with a great thank you letter from one of the guests. You can read it above or below:

For whom it may concerns

Thank you for the beautiful food this evening. We have eaten at all the amazing restaurants in Bali and tonight food was up there with the best of them. Especially serving such stunning food in a buffet style you should all be commended.

I own a restaurant in Perth. I have weddings all the time. I can say that everyone was impressed and throughout enjoyed. 

Many thanks to you and your fantastic bar, floor & kitchen staff.

Many thanks and kind regards

Steve Hollow 

Well, thank you very much, Steve! And many thanks for our chef team in charge with the event: Dewa Darma, Desak Astuti, Ketut Sementrayasa, coordinated by Nyoman Yasa, Executive Sous Chef and David Claude Cailleba, Executive Chef of Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa.

“Most wonderful day of my life! Beautiful wedding day”

A couple that got married in Bali Mandira recently wrote a very touching message on We thank them and we hope we can have them here for their upcoming anniversary. You can read the full message below.

“On the 8th April 2011 me and my partner got married at the Mandira with 70 guests attending. We stayed at the Mandira for 5 nights leading up to the wedding in a premier room which was beautiful! Nice and clean and as they knew it was for our wedding they had set it up with honeymoon decorations and a cake.

Yuni, the lady who we were working with from the Mandira for the wedding, was AMAZING!!! Very on top of things and everything was organized to the T from the wedding to our stay at the Mandira to the legal side of things for the wedding. The Mandira provided so much for us to choose for the wedding from the cake to decoration and extra things they did with no extra costs.

The morning of my wedding it was raining and I was going to be having it out side they waited till 2pm till they decided to contact me to advise that mane we should have it under cover to be safe which ended just as beautiful if not more beautiful. Our flowers were brought to us in the hotel room and same with the photographer which was great. We had 3 photographers running around taking photos for the time we hired them and a beautiful album which we received in only just 2 1/2 days. The food was AMAZING! We had heaps to choose from and more!!!! We choose a Buffett which was great!!

All in all the resort was beautiful and the wedding was very well-organized and ran smoothly.”

Amber & Matthew