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The man and the wooden surfboard

Ross Williams and his handmade wooden board.

19 years ago, Ross Williams came for the first time to Bali Mandira from Perth, Australia. He and his family liked our resort so much that they returned every year. Every time he comes to Bali, Ross brings a very special and dear object – an unusually small wooden surfboard. Oh his 18th visit to Bali Mandira, he shared the story of the board with us.

The 90 centimeters long board was made by his own hands in 1965, from marine plywood. Since then, Ross perfected a unique and spectacular surfing style. While his lower half of the body is sunken, he’s holding the board with one hand to ride the waves and control the direction. “Is like body surfing but is enhanced due to using this board” he said. “It’s not using the floating principle, so I have to use fins”.

Ross is 62 years old now and he’s riding the waves with the same passion as always. Legian Beach, where Bali Mandira is located, is the perfect place for him and his board. “A few years ago I used to surf in a reef area also, but recently I was forbidden to go there by my son. He said to my wife <Don’t let dad go there anymore! He’s too old for that!>” he remembered laughing.

Although he created the board 46 years ago (!!!), he has never considered to choose a name for it. Apparently his son was helpful again. “He called it the coffee table“, Ross ended his story.

Williams family with their friends, always happy to be in Bali Mandira.

A message from Jan

Jan Dowd uploaded on Facebook a picture from her last visit at Bali Mandira. She wrote a message also.

“Thanks so much for an awesome time back in 2010 with my sisters. See you very very soon. Late May 2011 with hubby this time.”

Thank you very much too, Jan! We’re waiting for you and your hubby! There’s less than two weeks till the end of May, right?

Thank you, Kelly!

Kelly Jones, one of our visitors, left Bali Mandira a few days ago. It was her first visit to Bali in 8 years. As soon as she reached home, she sent us an amazing message.

“THANK YOU to all at Bali Mandira for making our Easter break a memorable one, the hotel is fabulous, our deluxe room was just perfect & very clean, the food and entertainment is great, the grounds are just amazing and last but not least the people are so friendly, nothing is too much bother. We will be back one day! *P.S. LOVE the squirrels* :-)”

We thank you too, Kelly! You words made us very happy. We’re waiting for your next visit already and you can be sure that the experience will be even better.

Excellent holiday for His Excellency

Last week, Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa was the home away from home of His Excellency Szilveszter Bus, the Ambassador of Hungary in Indonesia. Or, we can say that for a few days, Bali Mandira became The Embassy of Hungary, right? His Excellency left the crowded and noisy capital of Jakarta in search for a short but peaceful and relaxing vacation with his charming family. We thank them all for the visit and hope to have them as guests soon.

Happy Birthday!

She was having a nice breakfast with her family and friends in Celagi Restaurant when, suddenly, an anniversary cake landed on the table from Wiwin’s hands. The perfect start for the day, isn’t it?  From the wonderful people of Mandira, a warm Happy birthday for Marcelle!

Dear Bali Mandira…

The feedback we receive from our visitors is a very good source for improving our services. But sometimes the messages are different, they contain more than criticism or suggestions. The message below was received recently from a German visitor who forgot his wedding ring in one of Mandira’s rooms. The golden ring was found and sent by Fedex thanks to the efforts of Wayan Sunatha, Front Office Manager, and Tri Indah, Hotel Secretary. Both are happy when they make others happy. And this is the main preoccupation in Bali Mandira.

“Many thanks for your warmest greeting from the wonderful Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa. (…) Yes, I am very glad to announce that since Thursday 24th February 6 p.m., my wedding ring is back on my finger! There was a delay in Germany about 7 days for clarifying at the German customs authority.

I would like to thank you again very cordially for all whole expenditure which you had by me. I will keep you in memory as a very helpfully and reliable friend. You in person as the representative of the Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa made the best advertisement for your resort and for Bali in general. I will tell this story to all my friends and to all my colleagues in Philips Company.

I hope, I will spend my Holidays later on again in the wonderful Bali Mandira Beach Resort for inviting you and your family for a delicious Dinner.”

Manfred Mueller-Sacher, Germany