Padmi, best service for best people

Friendly and always smiling, Padmi is a part of your perfect stay in Bali Mandira

If you’ve been at least once to Bali Mandira, you must remember Padmi. If you’re planning a holiday here, you’ll notice her immediately right from your first day. But if you’ve visited Bali Mandira more than once, certainly Padmi is already your friend.

Padmi (Niluh Padmi Wati on her complete name) is the captain of Barong Patio. She started working for Bali Mandira in the year 2000. In time, Mandira has become her second home. “I never considered to move somewhere else. I love to work here, to serve people and to be in good relations with everybody” she said. Two years ago she won the title of The Employee Of The Year. “It was one of the happiest days of my life” she confessed.

Padmi was born in Legian, very close to the hotel. She’s married and has a handsome 7 year old kid. When she’s home she likes to take care of her beloved family, to cook, to dance and… to sing. “I have a beautiful voice” she said. Really, Padmi? We’re waiting for you on the stage.


  1. Thankyou to all who work at Bali Mandira,you made my second stay at your wonderful hotel,30th April to 13th MAY, even better than the first.PADMI and ADI a special thankyou to you both,Padmi i cannot find you on facebook,i would love to send you photos of my family,could you please send a friend request to me.Bali MANDIRA is my second home and i will return next year,again THANKYOU!

  2. Dear Len,
    Thank you for your very nice message. It makes us all very happy. Padmi is not an internet user. She likes to spend the free time with her lovely family cooking, dancing and singing (according to her own declaration). You can send the pictures at and I’ll print ’em for her. Thank you once again!

  3. Padmi is one of the nicest people you could possibly meet, she makes our stay at Mandira such fun. We love her along with Chitra and Adi, we look forward to our next visit to see our wonderful friends again.

  4. Dear Padmi,
    Every time we come to Bali Mandira your beautiful face is one of the first things we look for. We cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful service and friendship you have given us on our many visits.
    We think the Mandira and staff are the very best.
    Our love to all
    Rae & Roger Smith