A picture of Mount Agung

A picture of Mount Agung we took yesterday early morning during one of our tours. The volcano is still active and the tallest mountain in Bali at over three thousand meters or aproximatelly ten thousand feet. Also the holiest of places in the island according to the local Balinese Hindu religion, especially the Mother Temple built at the foot of this massive mountain.

New Pool Update

the concrete pouring, the floor plan along with structure walls are now done. From here on we move to the light fixtures, tiles, slides and sand beach. As of now according to construction crew we are scheduled to have the NEW POOL FINISHED by END OF JUNE. Picture was taken fifteen minutes ago in the non-guest access area of construction site.

From the guest perspective and areas any construction is hard to see or hear past the divider walls. There are no noise complaints at all so far for the entire last four months.

remember PADMI ?

I think most of you remember PADMI, our head server for Barong Bar and her charming smile once you met her. We are happy to announce that exactly one month ago she gave birth to an over three kilo beautiful baby boy named Bagus. She will resume work on July 1st and we’re looking forward have her again!

Daily life in Bali Mandira