A Temporary Pool

We are very excited and absolutely thrilled about our new magnificent Tropical Island pool being build as we speak. Of course the old pool is closed and in renovation but for your peace of mind we would like to inform you the noise levels or interference with your comfort is minimal. And of course, we still have the infinity edge pool still operational.

Not only that, but here is a picture of our ‘temporary pool’ an addition we build for our guests enjoyment.


They love it so much they already are asking us to keep it if possible. While that might not be possible it is still a great compliment and a reassurance that no comfort and level of fun in the sun is affected while staying with us!

SCUBA DIVING at Bali Mandira


Did you knew we offer SCUBA DIVING at Bali Mandira? scubaThis is an actual picture we took ourselves fully emerged in the ‘Big Blue’, a picture of a splendid Banded Triggerfish during a scuba trip last week with our wonderful partners from Dugong Diving. Absolute top notch professionals we have been working with for years, with a perfect clean record and tons of unforgettable memories. With us it is one of the easiest places and most fun to get scuba diving certified or try it for the first time.

Valentine’s Day dinner trials today

Last but not least on our Valentine’s Day dinner trials today, something we must confess it was the first time we heard, seen and tasted of, something named ‘Amuse Bouche’. “Pfff, but it’s only a prawn!” you may say. Oh, well, I dare to say that after you tasted it as well!…

Yum Yum Style on trial for our Valentine’s Day dinner! Say hello to our Australian Angus Beef Medallion with Garlic Mash, Roasted Edamame and Candied Carrots. We imediatelly approved it!


The Egg Painter

Our repeater guests and friends, Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Rae Smith, have spent recently their holiday with us, here in Bali Mandira. Soon after returning in Australia, they sent us a message.

“A special wish for everyone at the Mandira and their families for a very Happy Independence Day 2012.

Also a very special thank you to Wayan Wiranata – the Egg Painter – for his very excellent oil painting and wood carved frame he completed for us during our recent stay.

We are soooo… pleased with his very very talented skills as a painter and craftsman – see attached photos.

Once again many thanks for a wonderful stay at the Mandira and all our best wishes for today and always.”

Daily life in Bali Mandira