Frangipani grafting

Grafting a Frangipani tree is not an easy job. Our guest Mrs. Kim Hoodasked, who owns a frangipani tree in Australia, asked our gardening staff to teach her how to graft correctly the Frangipani tree.  Now she knows how to get many colors of Frangipani flowers in one single tree.

If you have any question about our plants, flowers, trees and gardens when visiting Bali Mandira, please ask about Pak Nurholis, our Gardener Manager. Nurholis and his team will be happy to give you all the details you need.

Bali Mandira’s Anniversary


The wonderful people of Mandira joined together with their families on Friday May 11th for the 31st hotel anniversary. 3 hours of entertaining show, organised entirely by our hotel staff, thrilled the audience.

During the show, the management has announced The Best Employees of The Year 2011. They were invited on the stage and were personally congratulated by the hotel owner.

More than 300 prices were won at the traditional Lucky Drawn. Bottle juggling, Balinese And even the local versions of Marylin Monroe, Ayu Ting Ting (a famous Indonesian singer) and Lady Gaga stopped for some dancing and singing sessions. One of the greatest surprises of the night was the performance of Mandira Band, a rock band formed 100% by Mandira’s employees.

The Anniversary Party, held under the name “Mandiravaganza”, was also the occasion to say goodbye to the General Manager of Bali Mandira, who will soon return to America after 4 years spent at Bali Mandira.

Some of mandira’s repeater guests attended the audience and were excited by the whole spectacle.

Happy Birthday Bali Mandira!

Thursday evening in Bali Mandira

Start your evening with our famous Barbeque Buffet Dinner at Parasol Restaurant. Enjoy the delicious freshly cooked food and a sellection of all time greatest hits played live by Batak Quartet.

After dinner, it’s your turn to be the star. Come to Suling Lounge, air conditioned area, for the Karaoke Night. 3.500 songs and great promotions for cocktails and beers.

See you there!


Indonesian & Balinese Cooking Class

Bali Mandira’s Cooking Class has been prepared for our guests! The first class was organised for our management staff. Everybody enjoyed the fun atmosphere and the delicious food.

Join an amazing interactive cooking and lunch experience and taste the tastiest Balinese flavors!

Your own cooking station. Your own equipment. Your own apron. And our Executive Chef or Executive Sous Chef as a personal instructor.

Take home with you some authentic and delicious memories. You came to Bali as a tourist, but you’re leaving as a chef!

The classes starts at 9 a.m. or 11 a.m., depending on your choice. Book at Celagi restaurant or at Front Office. Price is $45 net per person. The minimum number of attendants is 2.

Daily life in Bali Mandira