Indonesia Raya – Indonesia's National Anthem

The new Music category on Bali Mandira Blog & Fun is inaugurated today with a special song – Indonesia Raya, the National Anthem of Indonesia.

The song was written by the Indonesian songwriter Wage Rudolf Supratman, in 1927 and was chosen as national Anthem when Indonesia proclaimed its independence on 17 August 1945. As a strange coincidence of destiny, the songwriter died on the same day [August 17] but 11 years earlier [1938].

A special song for a special day.

Celebrating Indonesia's Independence Day

Dear Bali Mandira guests,

On Wednesday, August 17th, Indonesia celebrates Independence Day. We invite you all to a special Indonesian Barbeque Dinner with live performance of Kolintang-Angklung Orchestra.

The dinner at Balinese Stage will start at 7 pm. For reservations please dial 1505 from your room or contact Celagi Restaurant.

Chef's recommendation for this week

Dear guests, our French chef’s recommendation for this week is Braised Beef on Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary Sauce.

The beef is braised for 25 minutes along with the rosemary sauce and other condiments, while the potatoes are boiled and roasted until they achieve the right colour and taste. A simple dish yet very tasty and consistent. A very good choice for lunch or dinner for only Rp. 44.000++.

Please inform your waiter if you want the beef to be well-done.

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