Following a romantic dinner

Candra, an expert in taking care of romantic dinners

Jantin & Annika spent their honeymoon in Bali Mandira. Our hotel staff was very pleased to take care of every detail of their stay. Before leaving the Island of Gods, Jantin & Annika left us a message:

“Candra was a very nice (excellent) friend who helped us to have a unforgettable evening at our last day in Bali in our honeymoon with the Romantic Dinner and the Romantic Breakfast as well. It was perfect! Terima kasih!

Jantin & Annika”

Indonesian Chef Association gathering

Last week, Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa hosted the Indonesian Chef Association gathering. Around 70 people spent a beautiful evening enjoying great food prepared by our kitchen team coordinated by Executive Chef David Cailleba and Executive Sous-Chef Nyoman Yasa.

We thank all the participants and we really appreciate their presence at our resort. [photos by I Gede Nadiartha]

Adi The Bartender feat. Santana & Nickelback – Into the night

Music is life. It is a human necessity. It has the extraordinary capacity to evoke and express our deepest emotions and influence our mood. It can bring us to a state of ecstasy in which we connect with our innermost self and with everything that surrounds us, at a level that goes beyond the physical.

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the amazing performance of Adi – the master of cocktails, our bartender, drummer, DJ and friend in a live session at Barong Bar. Another proof that the wonderful Balinese people have music and rhythm running through their veins. Greetings from Adi to all his friends from around the world.

Courtesy of Gavin Caporn, one of our dear guests. Thank you, Gavin!

TV upgrade

Our engineering staff is very busy these days changing the TV set in our rooms. By the end of August all room types will be equipped with new TV sets as shown in the picture above. So far the Premiere Rooms, Private Courtyard Rooms and some of the Deluxe Rooms are already equipped with new TVs.

This is just a step in our constant efforts to improve the quality of your stay in Bali Mandira. Starting November the TV channel selection will be upgraded – a wide range of TV channels from around the world will be available in the comfort of your room.

Daily life in Bali Mandira