The man and the wooden surfboard

Ross Williams and his handmade wooden board.

19 years ago, Ross Williams came for the first time to Bali Mandira from Perth, Australia. He and his family liked our resort so much that they returned every year. Every time he comes to Bali, Ross brings a very special and dear object – an unusually small wooden surfboard. Oh his 18th visit to Bali Mandira, he shared the story of the board with us.

The 90 centimeters long board was made by his own hands in 1965, from marine plywood. Since then, Ross perfected a unique and spectacular surfing style. While his lower half of the body is sunken, he’s holding the board with one hand to ride the waves and control the direction. “Is like body surfing but is enhanced due to using this board” he said. “It’s not using the floating principle, so I have to use fins”.

Ross is 62 years old now and he’s riding the waves with the same passion as always. Legian Beach, where Bali Mandira is located, is the perfect place for him and his board. “A few years ago I used to surf in a reef area also, but recently I was forbidden to go there by my son. He said to my wife <Don’t let dad go there anymore! He’s too old for that!>” he remembered laughing.

Although he created the board 46 years ago (!!!), he has never considered to choose a name for it. Apparently his son was helpful again. “He called it the coffee table“, Ross ended his story.

Williams family with their friends, always happy to be in Bali Mandira.

Welcome to Bali Mandira! Добро пожаловать в Бали мандир!

Our passionate and enthusiastic Director of Sales, Bandisa Sastika, is teaching Bali Mandira staff the first lesson of basic Russian.

Our staff in Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa is greeting guests in 4 different languages – English, German, Japanese and Bahasa Indonesia. Now, they’re learning the 5th language – Russian. Our goal is to make the Russian guests to feel like home since the arrival. Welcome to Bali Mandira! Добро пожаловать в Бали мандир!

"That's it for today. See you next time. Don't forget about your homework!"


Thank you for smoking!

The smoking area in Celagi Restaurant was relocated recently. The smokers can mix their passion with a cup of fresh coffee and a delicious breakfast on the terrace area of Celagi, next to the pool. This change produces cleaner air for the non-smokers. So, on their behalf, we thank you for smoking here!

Lotus blossom, a show by Mother Nature

There was a unique performance last week given by Mother Nature. In the beautiful gardens of Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa, right next to the alley that connects the lobby and Parasol Restaurant, we have a few lotus flowers. Usually very discreet, they’re absolutely spectacular in the blooming period.

Thanks to the great environment of the island of Bali and to our  much appreciated gardening staff that provides good maintenance, lotus is offering this show 3-4 times a year. A show not to be missed.

Daily life in Bali Mandira