Good morning, sunshine!

The last days in Bali were rainy and wet. But this morning the sun almighty is very generous with the Island of Gods. The main pool in Bali Mandira is already full of fun and children’s laugher. From the heart of Legian Beach, we wish our guests and to our virtual visitors a great and sunny week.

Thursday, bloody Thursday (“Blood Donation Drive” at Bali Mandira)

Today, April 7th 2011, it was a bloody day in Bali Mandira. Bali Hotels Association (110 hotels members) and Pelang Merah Indonesia, a member of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, organised “Blood Donation Drive” a yearly event to support the medical system of Bali. The wonderful people of Mandira proved their love and generosity for humans by providing an important supply of blood that can actually save lives. A group of employees from Harris Resort joined the action.

“Blood Donation Drive” was supervised by Mrs. Mia Septinawati and Mrs. Virginie Tutin Sandstron from Bali Hotels Association. Many thanks to all the donors and organizers.

Happy Birthday!

She was having a nice breakfast with her family and friends in Celagi Restaurant when, suddenly, an anniversary cake landed on the table from Wiwin’s hands. The perfect start for the day, isn’t it?  From the wonderful people of Mandira, a warm Happy birthday for Marcelle!

Bali is praying for Japan

A prayer for our Japanese friends who suffered from the earthquake and tsunami will be held at Pura Uluwatu, at 16.00 pm on Saturday (today) , 2nd April 2011. The prayer is organised by the Bali Tourism Board.

Bali Tourism Board and Bali Provincial Government will hold a similar event with the theme of Love and friendship for Japan at Bajra Sandhi Monument on April 5th, 2011 at 4.00 pm. Attendants must be dressed in white-prayer cloths. Every hotel is required to be represented by at least 10 employees, each carrying a candle.

Daily life in Bali Mandira