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Sanur Kite Festival 2014


Sanur Kite Festival – When the wind blows, size really does matter in Bali. The Balinese are crazy about kites, As with every facet of Balinese life, kite flying is steeped in religious symbolism. It was originally used as a

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Paradise in tropical beach


Nestled in 5 acres of coconut palms and lush tropical gardens, Rare and refined, this is what we call paradise in tropical beach. Relax with fresh drinks and snacks on the white sand pool day by day.

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“Segehan” Balinese offering


Did you know ‘Segehan’ is one of Balinese ritual, an offering for another realm to cast away all the negative energy or avoiding disturbance. You will find #Segehan throughout the island of Bali every morning

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Welcome to Work (21 August 2014)

IMG_6204 copy

Our General manager : Mr. Simon has serving the associate – Welcome to Work (21 August 2014)

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A fun activity of donut-making


Young kids are naturally curious and will always want to take part in what their see. This morning our chef @Yasa Nyoman allowing the children to do a fun activity of donut-making . something special for Georgia and Callum, had

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Discover something new


Discover something new  “ Mandira’s Tepi sawah” Has definitely unique & new experience, unseen for a decades in Legian. Counting down until the end of August.

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Ngaben – The Balinese cremation ceremony


Did you know ? the Balinese cremation ceremony ( ngaben ) has primarily been known in the West as either a major tourist attraction that dazzles visitors with uniquely, vibrantly, majestically, and artistically. No wonder that a ngaben ceremony in

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Power Walk with GM

Power Walk 2 Aug 14

Walking is great for your physical health, but that’s no why we think you should walk.  A few small walks throughout the day can do wonder for decreasing your overall level of stress, and clear your mind so that you

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Discover of Canang Sari


Morning Discover of Canang Sari – A small offering of flowers and money placed on a tiny square tray woven out of coconut leaf. “Canang” refers to the tray, while “sari” refers to the “essence” of the offering which may

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A Postable selfie


 Our general Manager @Simon Dornan took a #selfie with Mitchell Johnson (an Australian cricketer ) interesting and postable selfie . Thank you very much to Mitchell Johnson for spending your holiday at Bali Mandira with family & friends and for

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