Saraswati Day – Science Day

Saraswati Day is a holiday of Hindu religion especially exists in Bali where according to Hindu belief that on Saraswati day believed that a day descend the science from God as manifestation of Goddess Saraswati which is a lot of described as  beautiful goddess.

Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge, Her hands hold a palm leaf; a lontar, (a Balinese traditional book which is the source of science or knowledge); a chain (genitri with 108 pieces) symbolising that knowledge is never ending and has an everlasting life cycle; and a musical instrument (guitar or wina) symbolising that science develops through the growth of culture. The swans symbolise prudence, so that one’s knowledge may distinguish between good and evil and the water lilies (Lotus) are symbols of holiness. The Lotus flower is the holiest for Balinese.

Celebration of Saraswati day, fall on Saturday of Umanis Wuku Watugunung (Balinese Calendar) where usually Hindu people celebrate this Saraswati day at school, temple or other holy‘s places.