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Bali Mandira – children & family friendly

If you’re planning a holiday in Bali, don’t leave your kids at home! It would be a shame not to share with them the joy of being here. Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa is a children friendly hotel, where kids can enjoy a full vacation experience.

Cening Kids Club is one of the most friendly places for children. They are constantly supervised by trained personnel which can provide baby sitting services on demand. There are a lot of free activity your children can attend (lego, drawing, coloring, painting are just a few examples). The main pool has a very safe kids section.

Most importantly, Bali Mandira has a lot of connecting rooms. Practically, all the Deluxe Rooms have connecting facilities, which, all parents know, can make their life very comfortable in some moments. Not to forget the Superior Grand Family Room, offering flexible bedding configuration, that can accommodate up to 4 people (two adults and two kids for example).