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Do you know what an ogoh-ogoh is?


Ogoh-ogoh is a statue especially built for the Ngrupuk parade, which takes place on the eve of Nyepi Day in Bali.  Ogoh-ogoh is a fictional character, normally having the form of mythological beings, mostly demons. The creation of Ogoh-ogoh represents spiritual aims inspired by Hindu philosophy. The main purpose of making of Ogoh-ogoh is the purification of the natural environment of any spiritual pollutants emitted from the activities of living beings, especially humans. (read more on Wikipedia)

The professional ogoh-ogoh makers have been reporting a flood of orders for the demonic wood and papier-mâché statues traditionally paraded through the streets of Bali the night before the Hindu Day of Silence. A single order can take between one day and one week to complete and costs between US$56 and US$1,680, depending on the size. (from thebalitimes.com)