Valentine's Day is coming!

Glow Spa in Bali Mandira is preparing for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming! This is not a warning, it’s just a reminder for one of the most special days of the year for people in love. For this day, Bali Mandira has prepared a very attractive package including a special spa treatment and a special dinner. Stay tuned! More details will be available soon.


  1. Valentine’s Day – Valen-Thine – Self Acceptance – Loving Our Self & Others – The Legacies Of Characteristical Values – Respectfully

    Wishing You A Happy Valentine’s Day – Valen-Thine – Your Creative Brilliance


    Every year Valentine’s day brings along with it more profound insights to the day and the year ahead


    It depends upon the reflection that is accorded to it – the value gleamed from its harmonious resonation that echoes the value of the values


    Valen represents the strength – the bravery – this is the incredible wealth of immensely strong characteristical values – our amazing intellectual faculties that dwell within our true realm


    This is seeking to evoke our awareness – to make us aware of our true potential – to awaken to our creative magnificence


    Likewise each and every day that comes into our life seeks to inspire us to realize its potential and align with our True Selves – our True Nature